We’ve updated our Remote Toolkit to help connect our community of architects during these times of working remotely.

Be there for each other

Times are tough but that's when it's most important to lend a helping hand — if you can. Research shows that helping others can actually improve your health. Even a positive word of encouragement can go a long way, boosting both your mood and the morale of those you work with.

Things to think about

  • Being stuck at home creates a bubble that’s easy to stay in. Try break out of it and communicate something nice to a colleague to make their day special. Try setting up a regular time in the day to have a 30 minute coffee with a friend.
  • When you communicate encouragement, your colleagues feel seen and appreciated. It allows them to feel understood even when they are apart from the team.
  • Extend empathy. We often don't know what someone is going through, being able to understand how another is feeling brings us together. Building in 'social time' is important so clear your mind of work and give time to building relationships!


  • Be There - learn how to support someone who is struggling with their mental health
  • Slack - real-time chat with teams
  • Google Hangouts - direct messaging and group chat
  • Video Window - designed for common areas, not meeting rooms, to foster connection
  • Facetime - online audio and video calling