We’ve updated our Remote Toolkit to help connect our community of architects during these times of working remotely.

Inspire a culture of sharing

Sharing is a big part of any healthy team. With everyone separated, it can be hard to keep Information flowing as naturally as when everyone is in the office together. Break down the barriers of distance, enhance productivity, and strengthen our sense of belonging by creating a digital place to share.

Things to think about

  • Creating spaces for us to share is the first place to start. Create video channels, chat groups, designated meeting times, etc.
  • Renaming your Slack channels can promote togetherness and bring a smile to people’s faces, for example, we have renamed our #random channel #kitchen-table
  • Clearly state the purpose for each communication channel, to separate work from social.
  • Share your screen or create a screen recording of you talking through your process to help clarify your points.
  • Roll call what everyone is working on that day in your morning team meetings
  • Recognizing that sharing plays such a crucial role in keeping the team close, get creative with what can be shared beyond work-related discussion and music suggestions. What about home improvement projects, or starting a book club?


  • Slack - real-time chat with teams
  • Google Hangouts - direct messaging and group chat
  • Zoom, - video conferencing
  • BlueJeans - secure video conferencing
  • Trello. - team project management software
  • Asana. - simple team and individual project management software
  • Vidyard - online video hosting for businesses
  • Loom - screen capture and video software