We’ve updated our Remote Toolkit to help connect our community of architects during these times of working remotely.

Empower your team

Remote work takes a different type of decision making. Not everyone has to be in the same room to be successful. Look for new ways to motivate and enable yourself and your team.

Things to think about

  • Remote teams are built on a foundation of trust, make sure to not micromanage.
  • To align everyone, ensure goals, tasks and results are transparent to the entire team.
  • Make sure to have clear communication rules around focus time, working hours.
  • Host 1-1s with employees to see how they are doing.


  • Slack - real-time chat with teams
  • Trello - team project management software
  • Asana - simple team and project management software
  • Monograph - project management software for architects and engineers
  • Google calendar - free calendar app for personal use Use