We’ve updated our Remote Toolkit to help connect our community of architects during these times of working remotely.

Embrace active listening

These days, fast, fluid communication is difficult and some people might feel unheard and isolated. Listening is now more important than ever. When we listen, we make room for understanding and clarity, and make a clear path for others to communicate fully. If we listen well, then we become creators of a safe environment.

Things to think about

  • Good listeners make the conversation a positive experience and make teammates feel supported
  • Make sure to ask questions to promote discovery and insight, trying to understand the substance of what your colleagues are saying
  • Keep other screens or pages off. Engage fully with the person speaking
  • Good listening doesn't mean we can't challenge and disagree, but the intention should be helping our team not winning the argument
  • When you make suggestions after active listening, they are more likely to be well-received because you have established a relationship of respect


  • Talkless - a training aid to help you learn to listen more
  • How to set Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone and Android
  • How to set Do Not Disturb Mode on Gmail and Outlook
  • Forest - an app to remove phone distractions and help you stay focused