We’ve updated our Remote Toolkit to help connect our community of architects during these times of working remotely.


Under forced separation, we need to find new ways to connect, collaborate and work. To make this successful our company culture needs to adapt to this new environment.

Our Tips

Empower your team

Remote work requires a different type of decision-making paradigm to be successful.

Inspire a culture of sharing

Sharing is a big part of establishing a healthy work-from-home team.

Start with a team meeting

It’s great to create a space to hear from one another and be reminded we're not alone.

Embrace active listening

In a time where fast, fluid communication is difficult listening becomes even more important.

Host virtual social & events

Just like lunch & learns and social get togethers in the office, but via video!

End of week virtual celebration

Give the opportunity to finishing the week by waving goodbye and sign off for the day.