We’ve updated our Remote Toolkit to help connect our community of architects during these times of working remotely.

Community Standard
& Practice

These values outline the standards we adhere to
as a community and platform.


Defind is a supportive community.

Trust is essential to creating a healthy, productive relationship between architect and client. So we’ve created these ground rules. They are based on the principles of security, respect, authenticity, dependability and safety, and they are here to ensure that both architects and clients are protected as they get to know one another.

Please note, this is a living document. We will continue to update our approach as the needs of the Defind community changes. However, our commitment will always remain the same: to create a supportive, inclusive space where architects and clients can meet each other and undertake great projects.

Defind takes our community standards seriously. Anyone caught in violation may be removed and banned from Defind, subject to review.


No spam, phishing or fraud

Neither spam, phishing nor fraud are tolerated on Defind. It is not acceptable to obtain anyone’s contact information for the purposes of sending unwanted marketing material, soliciting sales of unwanted products, or communicating false or misleading information. Likewise, it is not acceptable to make fraudulent claims or promises about any products or services through Defind.

Honor all intellectual property and copyright laws

Intellectual property and copyrights must not be violated. Anyone using architectural project descriptions, photography, drawings and any other means used to convey design ideas must either own the original intellectual property or have permission to use such content.


Discriminatory behavior, hate speech and bullying will not be tolerated

To put it simply, it is not acceptable to discriminate against anyone based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, health status or for any other reason that might violate the laws in your area.

Insults, abrasive language, sexual harassment or any other attempts to harm someone, either physically or emotionally, are not tolerated on Defind.

It is expected that when communicating on Defind, including between architects and clients and with Defind staff, that all exchanges take place in a respectful manner, without bullying or threatening language.


Don’t misrepresent yourself

At this time, in terms of designers, Defind is only open to registered architects. While this may change in the future to include other registered or certified building professionals, it is imperative that all architects on the site be members in good standing of their jurisdictional architectural association, and be working in good faith with all rules, regulations and standards therein.

Furthermore, it is not acceptable for anyone, architects or clients, to create accounts with false names, create accounts in other people’s names, or create accounts that in any way may be misleading.

Don’t misrepresent your spaces

Although building projects are always subject to change, it is important for both clients and architects to represent the projects they are working on as accurately as possible. It is not acceptable to put forward knowingly inaccurate project descriptions, photography, renderings, budgets, timelines or any other information with the intent to mislead.


Please respond in a timely way

It is assumed that by joining the Defind community that you are looking to engage with either architects or clients to pursue a building project. As such, you should not persistently fail to reply to meaningful correspondence, or reply with misleading or knowingly incomplete information. Please also reply to Defind’s authenticity verification and, when necessary, dispute resolution queries in a timely manner.

Please follow through

Defind does not dictate what architects charge, the timelines they should follow, the work they undertake or the terms of their contacts with clients. Likewise, it does not dictate what projects clients should undertake, what clients should pay, the timelines they should follow or the terms of their contracts with architects. However, once an architect and client agree to a project, it’s important that they honor the terms of their commitments, barring any unforeseen circumstances, by delivering work on time, making payments in full, etc.


Let’s make great projects as safely as possible

It is critical that both architects and clients respect all permitting, zoning, building codes and other rules, laws and regulations governing building in their jurisdiction. These rules minimize safety risks during and after building projects.

As the architects on Defind are all registered, they are legally obliged to follow such rules, regulations and restrictions; it is not acceptable for clients to knowing coerce, force or entice architects to try and break their professional commitments. Likewise, it is not acceptable for architects to knowing misrepresent the rules and regulations they are legally obligated to follow.