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What is Toggl?

We all know how important it is to get a proper overview of how much time we spend on our client's projects. This is why for many businesses, it is key to have a time tracking solution such as Toggl.

Using Toggl is super easy, as it only takes one click to start a new time entry or to simply continue tracking a previous task. It also can generate very nice and visual reports with actual time usage graphs, that can be exported to Excel or even email to you or your clients on a regular basis. It can be used with Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as native iOS and Android apps.

You can also integrate Toggl with your favourite online apps, allowing you to start tracking time immediately.

Toggl features

Toggle is one of the top time tracking tools available in the market. There are many interesting features that your business can benefit from! And you can choose between their basic ones:

  • Tracking reminders: this is actually very useful for those who easily forget to start the timer! Toggl reminds you it notices you forgot to start tracking your time. And it works the other way round too! If you forget to stop the timer,  Toggl detects idle time and lets you decide what to do with it later.
  • Reporting: easily get your time tracking reports in PDF, Excel, CSV or email.
  • Project Dashboard: this feature allows you and your team to compare the project forecasted progress against the actual progress with the Project Dashboard.
  • Billable rates: a great way to ensure you´re being fairly paid for your work. As easy as assigning billable rates to your tasks.

And a series of more advanced ones, depending on the needs of your company:

  • Team dashboard: is someone login too much time? Maybe too little? You can easily see how the team is tracking with the team dashboard.
  • Profit vs. labor cost: a great way to visualize your data, to know which projects and clients are profitable with just a quick look.
  • Email tracking reminders: there is always someone in the team who keeps forgetting to log the time! Luckily enough, with toggl you can send automatic reminder-emails to those who have forgotten to log their time.
  • Scheduled alerts: get alerts when you go overtime in one of your projects or clients.

How To Use Toggl

Ready to learn how to track your time with Toggl and start optimizing your team’s productivity? This video will give you a quick and easy overview to get you started.

Want to learn more? Start using Toggl now or learn about other time tracking that can help boost your business productivity:

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