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What is Hubstaff

Tracking the time that your team invests at work is not an easy task, but luckily enough there are some amazing tools such as Hubstaff that can help you ease the process. With Hubstaff you can gain clarity and peace of mind with streamlined employee monitoring. In their own words, they will help you “spend less time tracking and more time growing”.

Know your team is on the right track in real time through screenshot capture, activity monitoring, app usage, and reporting. Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS. Hubstaff runs in the background so your team can keep working without interruption.

Hubstaff features

Hubstaff allows you to record your team´s timesheets in a super easy way: no need to log the time manually (unless you really want to). Hubstaff tracks time continuously using their amazing clock app that works in basically any device. Managers are later able to review the time and approve timesheets logged by the team, as well as manage team’s time off.

But there is much more to Hubstaff! Some other features that they offer are as follows:

  • Time tracking: not only tracks your team´s worked hours, but also allows you to pull interesting insights about average worked hours, team availability etc.
  • Online timesheets: easy to record, easy to access to, easy to download.
  • Geofencing: automatic time tracking based on specific locations of your choice.
  • Employee monitoring
  • Project budgeting: set budgets for you different projects and create alerts for when reaching the limit.
  • Employee scheduling: asing project hours to your different team members in a very easy way. Productivity measurement: make sure the team´s hours are used where they should, to optimize your work capacity.

How To Use Hubstaff

Don´t miss this out on this comprehensive video-guide on how to use Hubstaff to track employee time.

Start using Hubstaff now or learn with Defind about other time-tracking Platforms that can help boost your business productivity.

Tips & Tricks

Time Tracking Best Practices Guide
This will serve as a quick guide to help you onboard Hubstaff the most easy and efficient way possible. There are several tricks and techniques that will enable you to get the most out of Hubstaff and this guide will help you discover them. Onboarding Hubstaff is a software