We've updated our Remote Toolkit to help connect our community of architects during these times of working remotely

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Defind makes it easier for clients to find the right architect, and architects to find great projects

How Defind Works
for Architects

Get Tools to Run Your Firm

Architects don’t have well-established marketing channels and are often primarily focused on their current projects, not on what comes next. Defind gives architects the tools and insights to grow their business and effortlessly find the perfect clients.

Find the Project Leads You Want

Defind’s project matching platform will introduce you to clients who are ready to start projects that suit your background and approach, saving you precious time so you can focus on what you want to — designing awesome spaces.

How Defind Works
for Clients

Have a Project?

Defind allows you to post the projects — big or small, humble or huge — you want to undertake, then invites nearby architects to review and respond. In other words, the designers come to you — you just have to pick the one you like best.

Looking for an Architect?

Defind is the only centralized, comprehensive database of architects in North America that can be filtered by location, project type (homes, offices, restaurants, etc.) and other criteria so you can quickly compare firms.

Remote Toolkit

Working Remotely?

Packed with tips, tools and inspiration, our Remote Toolkit will help guide you through these unprecedented times. As an incredibly collaborative team, working remotely is foreign for architects, but learning to re-think the process of working together can unite us in a way that wouldn't have existed if nothing changed.
Our Story

Our Story

We believe that hiring an architect should be empowering, illuminating and rewarding — regardless of budget and building size. So we’ve reimagined the process, making it effortless for both clients and architects to connect.

We want less time spent on the search, more time going to creating outstanding, thoughtful design — the kind of design that benefits us all.

Our Story

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